Types of Clay Pigeon Throwers

Types of clay pigeon throwers. What are the best clay pigeon throwers on the market today?

Types of Clay Pigeon Throwers

Clay Pigeon Throwers

  1. Handheld Manual clay pigeon throwers.

    Handheld clay pigeon throwers are simpler in design and are clearly far more cost-effective than other types of throwers on the market.
    By using good and long muscular strength, it is possible to launch clays into the air with fast accuracy and frequency.
    However, you are dependent on someone who does errands during the shooting and that is not always possible.
    For a better shooting experience, units with spring-activated throwing arms are recommended.
    Manual throwers come in two types of classifications; “Full chicken” or “3/4 chicken” mechanism.

    Let’s look at the difference:
    The manual clay pigeon throwers are full – here you need to manually pull the lever to rearrange each toss.
    3/4-Cock manual clay pigeon throwers – this machine has a gear or clutch mechanism.
    This allows the unit to cock itself using the momentum of the previous toss.
    The benefit here is that you don’t need to bother rearranging the engine.
    It is clear that the benefits of this type of clay pigeon throwers compared to the handheld model.
    However, for more convenience, you also have an automatic clay pigeon thrower.

  2. Automatic Clay pigeon throwers.

    If you intend to spend a lot of time photographing and will often be in the field.
    It makes sense to stretch your budget further and buy an automatic pitcher.
    These come in a variety of sizes and configurations.
    But will generally be powered by a 12-volt battery.
    Depending on the model, the release mechanism is controlled remotely (with a cable switch) or wireless settings.
    What’s great is that the release switch is designed to be operated by foot so that one person can operate the trap and fire at the same time.
    Some models will also feature various release mechanisms so you don’t know how and where the clay will be launched to the sky.
    (side to side or up and down – random aspects will keep fans firing on their feet).

Things to Consider When Buying a Pigeon Clay Thrower

  • The main consideration must be portability.

    You will likely move the clay pigeon throwers from the vehicle trunk to the field in all conditions.
    Heavy and impractical units are not the order of the day.
    Furthermore, assembly and organization should be as simple as possible.
    You don’t want to mess around in the mud trying to collect throwers together.
    Basically, shooters are used in different locations.
    (sometimes in one day) models that can be easily taken away and transported are the main benefits.

  • Ease of Operation.

    Obviously a system that is operated remotely which allows you to shoot and shoot at the same time in some cases will be an absolute necessity.
    If you are going to take pictures alone, you need to consider this.
    A simple machine that doesn’t affect your balance or purpose while operating is what you should be looking for.

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